Previous Awards

Past winners from various disciplines have produced interesting and useful projects of an extremely high standard, some attracting the notice of Vogue and the national press including the Times, The Daily Telegraph and Knitting International.

Winners over the past years have been the following:

  • 2015 - 2016
    Award Recipient, and College Project Undertaken
    Company Bursary Mary Emma Brooks , Royal College of Art
    Company Bursary Theresa McAvoy , Heriot-Watt University
    Company Bursary Kate Timbrell , Nottingham Trent University
    The HATRA Bursary Robynne Pickles, Falmouth University
    The Hill Osborne Bursary Sophia Reed, University of Derby
    The David Bethell Bursary Danielle O’Neill, De Montfort University
    The Byford Bursary Bethan Jones , Kingston University
    Company Award Anna Lane, University of the West of England
    The Rouse Award Claudia Hartley, University of Brighton
    The Peshall Hirst Award Olivia Barnes, Chelsea College of Arts, UAL
    Company Award Beth Ranson, London College of Fashion, UAL
    Company Award Beth Ranson, London College of Fashion, UAL
    The Howard Ellis Award Elizabeth Rudrum, Central Saint Martins, UAL
  • 2014 - 2015
    Award Recipient, and College Project Undertaken
    The David Bethell Bursary Oliver Lipp, Central St Martins An extremely competent and talented designer who is specialising in unisex knitwear.
    The Carr Doughty Bursary Katarzyna Franczak, Central St Martins She has produced a huge number of very good swatches and final garments taking some inspiration from her Polish background.She has produced hand knitted garments, crocheted garments ,and garments with exquisite emboidery designs. She has worked extremely hard and has developed a style of her own.
    The Peshall Hirst Award Catriona Pringle, DeMontfort University Having spent some time working with woven fabrics she is now specialising in knitted fabrics. However her ladieswear collection is a mixture of each. She has won a number of competitions for design and her garments are now for sale in the shops.
    The Byford Bursary Michelle Rae, Heriot-Watt University The development of knitting specifications for yarns, fabrics, finishes, and sizes for hospital anti embolism stockings. This will reduce the possibility of a blood vessel becoming obstructed by a blood clot.
    Company Bursary Clare Coulson, Heriot-Watt University A very well thought out ladies knitwear collection with great detail in shapes, qualities, weights, and particularly, colour palettes. The styling is easy to wear and certainly will not lose its appeal during the season.
    The Rouse Award Nathalie McCubbin, Kingston University Specialising in ladies knitted fashion her designs for retailers have already been put into production and she is successfully selling her designs on her own website.
    Company Bursary Verity Germer, Kingston University Specialising in ladies knitwear with a small number of woven pieces she will have a colour co ordinated collection of smart everyday garments in an assortment of quality yarns.
    The Hill Osborne Bursary Lucinda Popp, Royal College of Art An experienced, extremely talented young designer who has specialised in ladies knitted garments. Knitted jackets, skirts, cardigans and jumpers are all made in quality yarns with soft patterns, toneing colourways, and a superb fit.
    The Howard Ellis Award Sophie Dryden, Nottingham Trent University A very good collection of ladies garments that are extremely commercial with quality yarns and make up. There is a mixture of knitted and woven with some beautiful prints .One or two t shirts complete the story.
    Company Award Ella Nisbett, Nottingham Trent University Her collection of fun garments for men are in bright colours and comprise everything from socks to hats. They are well designed and well made made and when they are offered to the public will be sure sellers.
    The HATRA Award Grace Fincham, University of Winchester Specialising in ladies knitted co ordinates in woollen yarns she has produced garments that are easy to wear ,look smart, and of good quality.
    The HATRA Bursary Sophie Forster, University of Brighton Following the development of 3D scanning of burns casualties and with the latest knitting machines it is now possible to knit fabrics with different stitch combinations and weights. This enables different pressure points to be put on the body and over the burns which will help the skin to heal as required.
  • 2013 - 2014
    Award Recipient, and College Project Undertaken
    The David Bethell Bursary Miss Meghan Lewis, Winchester School of Art Creation of knitted wool garments that show interesting textures, innovative stitch structures and good colour combinations.
    Company Bursary Miss Rachel Lentin, Chelsea College of Arts Drawing fabrics by hand and then working out how to make them on a knitting machine.
    The Peshall Hirst Award Miss Mary-Emma Brooks, DeMontfort University Designing and knitting her own fabrics, combining contrasting weights and textures.
    The Hill Osborne Bursary Miss Rebecca Peattie, Nottingham Trent University Creation of an Autumn/Winter womenswear collection.
    The Carr Doughty Bursary Miss Silvia Varcova, Heriot-Watt University Using inspiration from Slovakia in the patterning of her work, making good use of colour.
    The HATRA Bursary Miss Catherine Van Hear, University of West England, Bristol Production of a collection of 6 pieces of Autumn/Winter knitwear.
    The Howard Ellis Award Miss Angharad Pugh, Derby University Design and development of a collection of knitted fabrics to be made into ladies boots.
    The Rouse Award Miss Katy Faulkner, Bath Spa University Development of fabrics, mainly wool, concentrating on dyeing of yarns to achieve consistent colours.
    Company Award Miss Caitlin Charles-Jones, Royal College of Art Creation of a collection of ladies knitted outerwear with good styling, colours and yarn selection.
    Company Award Miss Amelia Melbourne, Falmouth University Off the wall teenage fun fashion knitted tops.
    Company Award Miss Hannah Starkey, University of Brighton Use of both established and new technical yarns in a ladies wear collection.
  • 2012 - 2013
    Award Recipient, and College Project Undertaken
    The David Bethell Bursary Miss Lucinda Popp, Undergraduate, Kingston University Design and production of a womenswear collection of knitwear teamed with soft wovens.
    The Hill Osborne Bursary Miss Phoebe Brown, Postgraduate, Royal College of Art Design of a collection of knitted garments using different techniques, textures, and materials.
    The Peshall Hirst Award Miss Naomi Lobley, Undergraduate, De Montfort University Production of ladieswear garments using both machine and hand-knit fabrics, often embellished by knitting ribbons or beads into the fabrics.
    The Rouse Award Miss Lauren Mann, Undergraduate, Chelsea Art College Design and production of ladieswear samples using many types of knit, both machine and hand knit, crochet, and embroidery.
    The Howard Ellis Award Miss Alice Gibberd, Postgraduate, Royal College of Art Examination of the possibilities of fusing knitted pieces together in 100% polyurethane yarn.
    The Carr Doughty Bursary Ms Jane Taylor, Postgraduate, Nottingham Trent University Researching and improving the programs of the computerised flat-bed Japanese Shima Seiki knitting machines, producing seamless one-piece knitted garments.
    The Gwillam Award Miss Kimberley Phillips, Undergraduate, De Montfort University Design of knitwear for children and young teenagers, inspired by farm animals and animals from the countryside.
    Company Bursary Miss Elinor Pierce, Undergraduate, Brighton University Researching and improving the programs of the computerised flat-bed Japanese Shima Seiki knitting machines, producing seamless one-piece knitted garments.
    Company Bursary Miss Sophie Jenson, Undergraduate, Brighton University Design of a collection of knitted dresses and shawls with a lace devoré top and a fine knit under-fabric.
    Company Award Miss Gemma Parry, Undergraduate, Falmouth University Design of a complete collection of knitted hats, scarves, gloves, sweaters, socks, and jackets for young men.
    Company Award Miss Rebecca Heath, Undergraduate, Central St Martins Design of both men’s and ladies prints for blouses and suits.
    Company Award Miss Gillian Murphy, Undergraduate, Glasgow University Production of a smart collection of ladies classic knitwear in fine gauge with small areas of stitch interest.
  • 2011 - 2012
    Award Recipient, and College Project Undertaken
    The David Bethell Bursary Miss Eleanor Cox, Undergraduate, University of the West of England. A knitwear collection in knit and felted fabrics suitable for jackets and coats.
    The Hill Osborne Bursary Miss Lucy Hammond, Postgraduate, Royal College of Art. Ladieswear collection of knitted fabrics with crystal and sequin inlay, new foiling techniques, drop stitches, and coated fabrics.
    Company Bursary Miss Lucy McLoughlin, Undergraduate, Nottingham Trent University Knitted fabrics, simple toys, and garments with which to teach young schoolchildren to create their own designs.
    The Rouse Award Miss Sophia Kay, Undergraduate, Manchester University Design and production of modern and traditional lace garments on knitting machines.
    The Howard Ellis Award Miss Cheryl Robinson, Undergraduate, London Metropolitan University Ladieswear collection of structured knitwear shapes and three dimensional forms by the use of inserting plastic and wires into the fabric.
    The Peshall Hirst Award Miss Emily Lowsley-Williams, Undergraduate, De Montfort University Ladieswear inspired by Japanese designers, combining stitch textures, a variety of yarns, and new fabric treatments.
    Company Bursary Miss Rhona Ferguson, Postgraduate, Heriot Watt University The use of knitted pressure garments for burn victims.
    Company Bursary Mr Carlo Volpi, Postgraduate, Royal College of Art Knitwear based on the idea of magic, with patterns that disappear from view, and knitted structures that reveal hidden patterns as the wearer moves.
    Company Award Miss Katherine Noakes, Undergraduate, Brighton University Knitted body-shaping fabrics using techniques to obviate the need for elastic.